On The Streets of New York…What Are People Wearing?


Art by Julia Boboc

Julia Boboc (she/her), Editor & Writer

Walking the streets of Manhattan, you can hear the aggressive honking of taxi drivers, hot dog cart owners hurriedly taking orders, and children yelling as they walk to school. You look up to see the buildings touching the clouds, people bustling in and out of coffee shops, through boutiques and hotel lobbies, to work and back home again. Heels hit the sidewalk, coats rustle in the wind, you’re in the most fashionable city in the US and the NYC sidewalk is your run-way.

Trends come and go, but in New York City, they predict the future of fashion and reflect on its storied past. So, what’s on the streets?

1. Trench coats

By far, the most popular trend on the streets of Manhattan are these long collared coats. Most commonly made of a felt-like material, they’re completely gender-neutral, varying in length and color, but undeniably classic. However, beware of the Inspector Gadget effect…or the flasher effect.

2. Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets most recently became popular became popular, most recently, thanks to celebrities like Emily Ratakowski, the Hadids, and the Kardashians frequently sporting them as winter street wear. They also vary in color, but you can’t go wrong with black. Most commonly found are the NorthFace jackets, but if you don’t have a flexible budget, you can find them at stores like H&M or Nordstrom. 

3. Plaid

When have we ever gone wrong with plaid? Classic, timeless, and back for winter. Plaid shirts, scarves, ponchos, hats, sweaters, and jackets are everywhere, and you should have no trouble finding them in your favorite stores, including thrift shops around town.

4. Boots Galore

Arguably my favorite part of any outfit, chunky black boots have taken over the sidewalks of Manhattan. You can see them styled down with a nice pair of jeans, or styled up with a dress, skirt, or trousers. Definitely a need for your closet, especially as warm, sturdy winter wear.

P.S. Not to mention, Uggs are back…terrifyingly. There are consequences to Y2K trends returning. But stay warm, I guess.

  1. Leather, leather, and more leather

Leather jackets have been around for years, but recently, leather pants are the newest fad on the streets of New York and Portland. Paired with sneakers or boots, or as a jacket over a flannel or sweatshirt to channel your inner rock star.

P.S. Props to this guy for…commitment.

  1. Headwear

Beanies and ball caps have always been popular, but people are starting to get creative this winter season. Whether it’s a fur bucket hat or a turkey hat, keep your ears warm and cover that bedhead with your choice of headwear.


The streets of New York are timeless and diverse in their apparel, following the biggest trends from the runway to the sidewalk. Some of these trends are classics, some returning from the dead, but all of them are bound to make an impact on your closet this winter season. Happy holidays!

All Photos By Julia Boboc (she/her)