What To Do Over Winter Break Depending On Your Zodiac Sign


Art by Julia Boboc

Kira Posner (she/her), Staff Writer

Unless you’ve been living under moon rocks your whole life, you may have noticed that astrology has become one of the most popular pseudosciences practiced today. Zodiac signs are believed to tell you more than when you were born, also reflecting on your personality, what your likes and dislikes are, and general traits that make a person who they are. Since winter break is coming up, and you most likely need tips on how to spend it, here are some spot-on suggestions based on your sign.

Capricorn – Ski vacation

Hitting the slopes would be a great way to get out of your comfort zone and have a little adventure. You may be the mom of the group but this would be your time to shine as the racing star. You have a strong dedication to whatever you put your mind to, so take up skiing or snowboarding. Try to have some fun!

Aquarius – Spend time with your family

Air is your element, but playing Jenga against you will make your family look like the airheads. You are clever, and can enjoy time spent with those you love. You can have a game night, travel, do crafts, or have a family movie night. Whatever it may be, enjoy time spent with others. Though you are perfectly content being independent, trust me, your witty and fun nature will be better off having fun with siblings, cousins, or parents than alone in your bed. 

Pisces – Write a book

You’re basically an adult. You’re really creative and have a unique mindset. Use your talent to write a story or a book. You have a few weeks off to do anything you want, so come back to school with a piece you can share with the rest of us. 

Aries – Hit the road

You are a fireball, and you’re always up for an adventure. You are bold and can be spontaneous and will have a good time just going somewhere far away, and doing different things day by day. It would be more fun with a family member or friend, but a road trip is a perfect idea, and you don’t need a plan. Go on a hike, visit a big city, go sightseeing, try new cuisine, or go shopping. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how, you’ll figure it out and have a great time along the way. 

Taurus – Staycation

You might be a little too relaxed sometimes. Focus on some self-care or a good book. Maybe try out a spa or bake cookies. As a Taurus, you’re known for being lazy, so you may as well fit the stereotype and do whatever you want without having to really do anything. Take a break and maybe a nap. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and watch your favorite show. A staycation is exactly what you need. 

Gemini – Volunteer for five different charities

Don’t even bother planning to hang out with friends. You pack your schedule so tight, it’s a given that you won’t have time for anyone. Sign up for volunteering—it’ll look great on your college application, but don’t promise time with anyone, you won’t be able to make it (spoiler alert.) You’re doing a good thing for the community, keep it up!

Cancer – Cry 

As a Cancer, I can’t get too harsh, but it’s well known that cancers are emotional and generally weepy. Put on a rom-com and get the waterworks rolling. Though you can’t relate to the plot of a movie, go nuts at the end. Try a sappy Hallmark holiday movie. Your mental health is not the epitome of stability, so would a few tears really hurt? 

Leo – Take a crap ton of pictures for the Gram 

Go out with your friends in the snow, decorate the house, eat, listen to music, vacation, and capture it all. You’re on all social media apps and your life already revolves around your phone. You’re gonna post all break long and keep everyone updated with how cool your life is. Have fun editing those pictures and taking 300 selfies before choosing one. 

Virgo – Organize your room

You’re a bit of a neat freak, but who doesn’t like a clean space. Spend this time making your bed, lighting a candle or two and cleaning up. You have a nice organizational system that got messed up over the first semester of school. Getting your space tidy will help you later. Hopefully, you’ll be able to squeeze in some fun, but good luck and enjoy your “break”!

Libra – Walk around a rich neighborhood with friends to look at holiday lights

You’re a big extrovert. You enjoy being with friends and are a generally nice person. Peacock Lane is famously lit up in Portland during the winter months, so go walk in the neighborhood with your friends in warm clothes—it’ll be the most fun at night. You can have a really fun time socializing and it’s a great night out on the town, connecting with friends. 

Scorpio – Read tarot cards to strangers

You freak me out, witch. You are a little bit scary and mysterious, so use some of that talent to make money off strangers. Maybe you could have a booth with a crystal ball telling people their futures and make a fortune. You sense energy and knowledge, and you have abilities beyond the rest of us. Even though you can be hard to read, it doesn’t mean that you can’t read others.  \

Sagittarius – Go Caroling 

You enjoy adventures and independence. It’s a bit risky to go caroling, and some people aren’t brave enough to go up to strangers’ houses and sing for them, but you are. Your courage is astounding, and this is something that takes confidence and a strong mindset. You are very in touch with your emotions and confident in your intelligence. It’s an impressive activity that brings joy to others, and this would be a good way for you to spend some of your holiday break.