Mob Psycho 100 Review

Mob Psycho 100 Review

Harper Wicker-Lenseigne, Intro Writer

Mob Psycho 100, a highly acclaimed comedy-shōnen anime series, brings a twist on the typical superhero-anime trope backed with its fantastic art design and plot. Written by esteemed manga artist and writer known as ONE, adapted into animation by Studio Bones, and released in 2016, Mob Psycho 100 proves itself as a contender for newer generation anime. 

Mob Psycho 100 currently has two seasons released (12 and 13 episodes each) with a third season coming soon in 2022. You can find it on Crunchyroll for free with ads, or HBO Max with a paid subscription. 

A simple synopsis: Shigeo Kageyama, an eighth-grader in Seasoning City, has magical powers that allow him to exorcise demons. His incredible power allows him to defeat almost anything. He works under Reigen Arataka, a con man who pretends to be a psychic. 

Mob Psycho 100 puts its own spin on the cliché of the overpowered protagonist trope. This additional plot element with the multiple-episode arcs mixed with single-episode stories makes an interesting story that doesn’t get old or repetitive. It’s captivating to watch, and keeps the viewer at the edge of their seat and entranced in the show. Mob Psycho 100 also features some comedy elements. I thought it was executed well without being overused or annoying. This was impressive considering that Mob Psycho 100 is an action anime and sometimes humor can get in the way of the story/action. 

The cast of characters is diverse and all unique, showing different personalities and aspects that set them apart from one another. None of them follow any common tropes in anime, which makes the show refreshing. None of the characters feel unnecessary, as they all contribute to the story and the world that Mob Psycho 100 portrays.

Studio Bones is known for its high-quality animation, and Mob Psycho 100 knocked it out of the park, proving – once again – that their art is phenomenal. The colorful battle scenes and vibrant design is beautiful and fluid. The way they interpreted ONE’s drawings and the way it was animated was perfect. ONE’s art has always looked kind of crude to me, so it was impressive that Studio Bones kept the style intact while still making the animation look great. 

Another aspect to mention is the differences between the two seasons. Season one was up to mark. However, I think that the second season was a bit more interesting due to it going more into the psychological part of Mob having his powers and how he uses them. 

Finally, the sound design in Mob Psycho 100 is also another amazing aspect. The openings and endings for both seasons are extremely good. The soundtracks during the fight scenes were extraordinary, and fit very well when things were amping up. Yet, I don’t think that any of the soundtracks besides the opening and endings were all that memorable. 

Overall, Mob Psycho 100 is an outstanding anime. It’s not 100% perfect, but it is very close. A mix of outstanding animation and unique plot presents a great shōnen anime. If you enjoyed One-Punch Man or other comedy-battle shōnen, Mob Psycho 100 is definitely worth the watch.

Verdict: 9/10