A Very Southwest Portland Halloween

featuring a round-up of local events both at Ida B Wells High School and in the SW Portland neighborhood


Hayden Dennis (he/him), Staff Writer

Halloween is here! Students and staff alike are excited to celebrate with family and friends. After centuries of traditions, multiculturalism, and celebrations, Halloween has become an all-inclusive holiday with options for participation open to everyone. Trick-or-treating is a crucial piece of Halloween spirit. When asked about what the holiday means to them, Sophomore Madi Diehl said “Bringing a bunch of people together all weirded out in an outfit they are passionate about and having fun,” and Junior Ethan Kibbee said, “To me Halloween is dressing up and getting candy with your friends”.

Dressing up is another main attraction during Halloween. Many enjoy having the chance to dress up as whatever they want. Halloween gives us that chance to express ourselves and experience this universal holiday with friends. Sophomore Abby Powell says “I enjoy being able to dress up and do my makeup all extra, so I savor the times I get a chance to dress up”

Trick-or treating is also a staple of Halloween. It goes without explanation why people enjoy this part of Halloween, free candy! Though some people go for things other than candy. SW Stageworks, IBW’s theater department, partakes in an annual food drive in collaboration with Neighborhood House. Instead of going door to door and getting candy, they ask for canned foods. The food drive is open to anyone who is willing to help out. If you are interested, this will take place on Halloween night at 5:30, everyone will meet at the parking lot on Vermont St.

Outside of the highlighted events of Halloween; dressing up and trick or treating, there are a lot of smaller  activities  that make this season  special. Halloween parties, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family are just a few of the cherished moments we appreciate during fall. Senior Sam Grommes, when asked about family activites, said “We usually watch some movies beforehand, like Halloween movies, not scary ones. We carve pumpkins. We dress up the house but we aren’t the best at that.”

There are also Halloween events that go on in SW Portland that are open to local families. One of these events is Flick or Treat, a frisbee tournament. Participants wear their costumes while playing ultimate frisbee in a round robin style tournament. “I have attended the tournament before, and everyone who competes has a blast,” says Sophomore Baxter Ellis. Local middle and high schools compete in this event, but if you still want to compete you can pay a $30 free agent fee and you will be matched to a team.

There are also events outside of the city that people enjoy attending and participating in. One of these being Spirit of Halloween, which happens in Saint Helens, OR, the town where Halloweentown was filmed, There is the Halloweentown pumpkin, vender village, face painting, haunted house, costume contests, etc. Junior Jayla Bronski, who attends this event says “It is a really fun event surrounded and hosted by a really great community.”

Halloween hosts a wide cast of events around the city, and the neighborhood here at IBW. Whether it’s costume parties, trick or treating, or decorating cookies, there is always something for everyone to enjoy. To all students, staff and everyone else, we hope you have a great Halloween!