Building Blocks in Fashion Trends


Photo Credit: from the Cosmopolitan, photo by Jared Siskin

Nayomi Hendee (she/her), Staff Writer

Trends in fashion are forever changing, evolving, and metamorphosing through recycling. Fashion trends are due to five relations of impact: celebrities, runways/fashion week, street style, social media, and influencers. The impact being style in a designated location and within a limited period of time. This is sometimes confused with the release of collections or of a season dependent variable, but in fact these are the impacts of trends not the influence.

Lets, for example, take a look at Bella Hadid and the trends she induced following fashion week. Contrary to assumptions one of the highest peak treads in this week were a combination of runway and collection, yet mainly these runways were influenced by trends introduced prior to fashion month. 

In the Fall/Winter Fashion 2022 Runways we saw a lot of men’s undergarments turned in a direction of femininity, shown from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Tom Ford, and others. This brought in quite a few different associations being interpreted, and taken in very selective creative directions. 

When speaking on Paris Fashion Week, Andreas Fuhrmann wrote, “When she sent pastel, satin panties down the runway at her Fall/Winter ‘22 show in Paris, we should have known that the style would have a chokehold on fashion sets.” In her article she talked about how Hadid made granny panties high fashion; i.e undergarments being repurposed from their typical association.

In Chanel’s Fall/Winter fashion show they exhibit this same use of men’s undergarments as a woman’s take on shorts.

Now let’s talk platform Uggs; since the beginning of 2022 there has been somewhat of a buzz that Uggs are back. In perspective Uggs could feel tired and over done after their tremendous  peak in 2013. However Ugg hoped on this buzz and created The classic mini platform Ugg boot. They took the rising popularity of platform shoes that have been surging in this period of fashion along with the ankle cut — which could be a relation to Jordan dunks, being also ankle hitting and their popularity in this period of fashion. The designer incorporated these different variables into their Ugg in order to have a product that would be fit to be of a trend according to popular belief at current inhibition.

Pared along with these Uggs, the model wore white leg warmers — which tie into the white of her shorts and top. Leg warmers are once again a trend we are seeing a lot of right now, this being a recycling of fashion trends that were prevalent in the 1980’s.

Bella Hadid getting pizza is a prime example that a fashion trend can spark from many different pieces of a puzzle. When it’s all coming together, the pieces may be used for something completely different, yet some pieces are refurbished and recycled to fit in a completely altered puzzle.

In identifying these pieces, it’s shown us the uses of recycling. Not only in mens undergarments, but the old trend of Uggs, and buzz of the biker jacket. These pieces are all traditionally used for their own puzzles. But when combined and recycled, they have the ability to create what is known as a trend.