The 10 Best Shows of 2022

Jacob Glass, Contributor

In need of one, two, or ten shows to binge in the last few days of this year and into 2023? Here’s my list of the ten best shows of 2022 plus some honorary mentions. HBO Max dominated when it came to shows this year, but, to users of other streaming services, don’t worry- your favorites are represented as well!

Yes, I watch too much television…we already knew this!


1. The White Lotus, Season 2

No other show had me audibly reacting out of shock like this new season of The White Lotus did. Every moment was iconic and I looked forward to every new episode. Not a spoiler but let’s say RIP to a queen among peasants.

Favorite moment: “These gays, they’re trying to murder me.” One of the best lines ever said on television. Don’t be surprised if it’s my senior quote.

Where to watch: HBO Max


2. Hacks, Season 2

Hacks is one of my favorite shows ever. Jean Smart kills in it and Hannah Einbinder totally matches her energy. I am beyond excited for the next season of this show and I’m praying HBO Max doesn’t cancel it as it did with some of my other favorite shows.

Favorite moment: When Ava (played by Hannah Einbinder) reads her revenge email to Deborah (Jean Smart).

Where to watch: HBO Max


3. Euphoria, Season 2

We all know and love this high-intensity “teen” drama. I have never felt so connected to people on social media as I did during this show—everyone had a take they needed to share. Of course, the ensemble cast led by Zendaya does an outstanding job. 

Favorite moment: LEXIE’S PLAY. An absolutely iconic episode of television.

Where to watch: HBO Max


4. I Love That For You, Season 1

I Love That For You is perhaps the most underrated show on this list. We must give it the attention it deserves. Vanessa Bayer’s hilarious comedy has an all-star cast and feels very special.

Favorite moment: When Joanna (played by Bayer) introduces herself to her new colleagues.

Where to watch: Showtime


5. Pachinko, Season 1

This is such a beautiful TV show. It tells the story of a Korean/Japanese family across two timelines, one being 1920s Korea under Japanese colonization and the other being Japan in 1989. All aspects of the show are well done—the acting is beautiful, the cinematography is exquisite, and the writing is powerful. I highly recommend! 

Favorite moment: The opening title sequence which challenges The White Lotus for the best tv show theme of the year!

Where to watch: Apple TV Plus


6. House of the Dragon, Season 1

While it is yet to reach the bar that Game of Thrones (up to season 8) set, this show brought us back to Westeros and got me re-obsessed with the GOT universe. The best way for me to explain this show is GOT with more dragons, time jumps, and people of color.

Favorite moment: Alicent (Olivia Cooke) being a girlboss.

Where to watch: HBO Max


7. Rap Sh!t, Season 1

Issa Rae has done it again! This show was such a fun watch, especially with its use of social media for storytelling. It feels like a memorable story that gives a unique perspective on Miami, rap, and womanhood.

Favorite moment: Every time they sang “Seduce and Scheme,” an original rap song from the show. What can I say? It’s a bop.

Where to watch: HBO Max


8. Young Royals, Season 2

This show brings out all the emotions for me. My hot take is that Young Royals > Heartstopper. Sorry, it had to be said. Season 2 continued the story we got in season 1 and gave us some amazing “Wilmon” moments.

Favorite moment: That ending! I need season 3 now!

Where to watch: Netflix


9. The Bear, Season 1

The gist of this show: a bunch of Chicagoans in a small space yelling at each other while holding knives and cooking over open flames. Yes, that does mean it is a nonstop anxiety-inducing mess but it is a good mess. Ayo Edebiri is a shining star in the show who deserves an even better storyline in season 2.

Favorite moment: Joel McHale’s two-minute-ish cameo as a mean chef who harasses his staff.

Where to watch: Hulu


10. The Afterparty, Season 1

While the concept doesn’t feel that new, the approach takes a classic whodunit-style story and makes it feel exciting and fresh. Each episode follows a different character and tells their story in a medium that aligns with their personality.

Favorite moment: Yasper’s entire episode, played perfectly by Ben Schwartz.

Where to watch: Apple TV Plus


Honorary Mentions

Because 10 is simply not enough when there are hundreds and hundreds of shows!


Abbott Elementary, Season 2

The return of the classic workplace mockumentary sitcom! All is well in the world!

Where to watch: Hulu (and season 1 is on HBO Max)


Moon Knight, Season 1

Oscar!!! Isaac!!!

Where to watch: Disney Plus


Only Murders in the Building, Season 2

Selena Gomez + Steve Martin + Martin Short = one of the best comedies to stream currently.

Where to watch: Hulu


Atlanta, Season 3

I refuse to be someone who mischaracterizes this show as a comedy. 

Where to watch: Hulu


There is so much television out there and sometimes it is stressful just to choose what to watch. I hope this list helps you see through the chaos that is streaming. 2022 was an amazing year of TV and I know 2023 will be the same. Happy watching!