Survivor Support Resources for IBW Community Members

Meira Fiber-Munro (she/they), Editor and Staff Writer

After a year of communication gaps, frustration, and mistrust, students are feeling that their requests for supports for survivors of sexual violence are finally being heard. Despite the complications that can arise during Title IX investigations, and the limitations in availability from Title IX and confidential advocate resources, we finally have a solid list of resources both within and outside of our school community. 

  1. Starting this year, Hannah Habibi (she/her) will be at Ida B Wells on Wednesdays as a confidential advocate 100% confidential and non-judgemental support, safety and goal planning, resource referral, tools for communicating boundaries, breaking up safely, self care, supporting friends, practicing consent, and more. She is employed at the Raphael House in Portland which is an emergency domestic violence center. 
    1. Hannah is available via text or phone call at 971-808-8225
    2. At her email [email protected]
    3. For drop in appointments on Wednesdays in Room 114
  1. Vice Principal Ayesha Coning is our high school’s appointed Title IX coordinator. Her role is to support students through Title IX investigations and educating both students and parents about the options for reporting through the Title IX program. She has connections with the district’s Title IX investigator, Elizabeth Johnson who also supports students through making important decisions about whether or not to go through with an investigation and the process of undergoing an investigation with trauma-informed care. 
    1. Ms. Coning is available in her office in room 109 by appointment which you can schedule via her email [email protected] or with the assistant secretary also in room 109, Ms. Abby Menashe. 
  1. Oregon Youthline is a free, non-confidential teen to teen crisis and help line. They are here for any teen-related issues highschoolers in Oregon may be experiencing. No issue is too big or too small to discuss with their teen volunteers. They are available daily from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm everyday via phone call and/or text. To learn more about their program, visit their website at 
    1. They are available for phone calls via their phone number 877-968-8491
    2. They’re available for chat support if you text “teen2teen” to 839863
  1. Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention to lgbtqia+ youth aged 13-24. Learn more about their organization via their website or access support via their phone number, social network, or confidential chat service. 
    1. Reach the lifeline 24/7 at 866-488-7386
    2. Reach their confidential, secure internet chat that provides live help to youth in crisis 24/7 at  
    3. Reach their 24/7 social network and online community connecting youth at 
  1. Call to Safety (formerly Portland Womens’ Crisis Line) has available advocates trained to provide sexual assault advocacy on the crisis line. Their advocates offer emotional support, education, referrals to other agencies, information about support groups, and help survivors understand their medical and reporting options. Advocates also provide in person medical advocacy to individuals who have experienced sexual assault. Learn more at their website 
    1. Reach them at their 24/7 hotline 888-235-5333 or 503-235-5333 Monday through Friday 11am to 3pm 
  1. RAINN is a national organization dedicated to supporting survivors of rape, abuse, incest, or neglect. Learn more about their organization at their website
    1. Access their direct messaging support via their website
  1. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides free and confidential support for people in crisis and provides prevention resources to anyone interested in helping their loved ones through suicidal ideation. 
    1. English 24/7 hotline 800-273-8255
    2. Spanish 24/7 hotline 888-628-9454
  1. Multnomah County Mental Health Crisis Line is a walk-in clinic with available mental health and addiction services. Learn more about their organization at their website 
    1. Reach their 24/7 hotlines at 503-988-4888 or 800-716-9769
  1. Thorn’s mission is to stop sexortion which is defined as the act of threatening to share nude or explicit photos either in exchange for money or other acts. Learn more at their website 
    1. Reach them at their 24/7 text line by texting “THORN” to 741-741
  1. LGBTQ National Youth Hotline provides private online chat youth peer support as well as support via their phone number for lgbtq+ youth up to age 25. Learn more about them at their website 
    1. Reach their 24/7 hotline at 888-246-7743
  1. Victim Rights Law Center of Oregon offers free legal assistance to sexual assault survivors who have legal needs as a result of the assault in the following areas: privacy, safety, education (K-12 and college), employment, immigration, housing, LGBTQ-specific services, criminal justice advocacy, and financial stability. Their legal services are available to survivors of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Learn more at their website 
    1. Reach their phone number 24/7 at 503.274.5477
  1. Love Is Respect serves as support for teen dating violence and provides education and resources for survivors experiencing sexual violence and resource refferals. Learn more at their website 
    1. Reach their 24/7 hotline at 866.331.9474
    2. Text LOVEIS to 22522 (24/7 text support line) 
  1. Sexual Assault Resource Center is a private, non-profit child abuse intervention center. Learn more at their website 
    1. Reach their 24/7 hotline 503.640.5311
  1. Raphael House partners with PPS to provide the confidential advocacy program as well as is a domestic violence shelter in a confidential location. Their prevention education works with schools and other community partners to fulfill their mission of ending domestic violence. They offer immediate safety through emergency housing and a wide variety of support services for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Learn more at their website at 
    1. Reach their 24/7 hotline at 503-222-6222