Why Donating Blood Makes A Difference


Courtesy of the IBW Red Cross Club

Oscar Jimenez-Cervera (He/Him), Staff Writer

February 10, 2023 was the second blood drive of our school year. There were 48 donors who saved 144 lives. There were also around 50 volunteers who helped out with the event. Let’s not forget about the Red Cross organization and the student leaders who made this blood drive possible, massive thanks to them! 

So, what was the significance of the blood drive? First off, there is an urgent need for blood in the United States right now. According to the Red Cross organization, roughly 29,000 units of red blood cells are needed each day, and somebody needs blood every two seconds. Any blood donation helps alleviate the shortage of blood, so every donation made last week truly did make a difference. Additionally, teens are the best option when it comes to blood donation. The blood that’s taken during the donation is recovered very quickly, with the addition of our population being mostly healthy. This is why there are a lot of blood drives hosted in high schools.  

Should you donate at the next blood drive? Absolutely, if you are eligible to. Not only does a single donation save up to three lives, but it also benefits you. Before donating, the phlebotomist performs a mini-physical to make sure you can safely donate. This mini-physical indicates your pulse, blood pressure, and iron levels. It’s always good getting your vitals checked out once and a while anyways, and donating blood gives you this chance. 

Speaking of iron, iron is a key component of hemoglobin – a protein in your blood. Having too much hemoglobin can be a bad thing. However, donating blood does lower hemoglobin levels. Lastly, donating blood should make you happy! Your blood is going to save lives you, so should feel good about that. 

The final blood drive for this school year is scheduled to be May 26th, but this can easily change.

 This specific blood drive is a special one, though. According to Lucy Carver, one of the senior leaders for the Red Cross club, this will be a “blood drive battle” against Lincoln High School. Basically, whoever gets the most amount of blood donations wins. This next blood drive is not one to miss, let’s beat the Cardinals!