Snow Stymies Transit


Arthur Miller – TriMet bus driver

Laif Kvarsten (he/him), Staff Writer

On Wednesday evening, the Portland area saw record amounts of snowfall, with over 10 inches falling at the airport. This unusual February storm closed schools, cancelled events, and hindered transportation, bringing the entire metro area to a standstill. 

For TriMet, this meant increased demand for bus and rail services as Portlanders sought to keep moving while ditching their vehicles. Unfortunately, bus services were severely limited by the snowfall, as stalled cars blocked intersections and ice coated the roads. 

In the Wilson Park neighborhood, a bus on TriMet Line 1 spun out Wednesday night as it attempted to climb the hill on SW Chestnut Dr. The operator of the sidelined bus, Arthur Miller, waited inside for a crew to rescue the bus during a break in the snowfall. 

Luckily, Miller was able to stay warm across the roughly four hours during which the bus was stranded. He was unfazed despite the unique situation, and as of 12:30 AM on Thursday morning, TriMet trucks were on their way to haul the bus from the snow.