Ida B. Flea: An Overview


Oscar Jimenez-Cervera (He/Him), Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to sell your crafts and creations? Or what about advertising your own business or services? Well, Ida B. Flea is the event for you! 

Ida B. Flea is going to be a flea market where anyone from the Ida B. Wells community, such as parents, siblings, and students can sign up and get a booth for the event. Even people from local middle schools can participate in this vendor market. It costs $10 to sign up, and you can bring that money to room 143. The money must be turned in by March 18 to Ms. Griffin.     

It will take place on April 19th, from 3:30-7pm. The booths will be set up in the main hallway, and their placement will be randomized. This is also taking place during a track meet, so there should be a lot of foot traffic. 

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to sell food unless it’s from a commercialized kitchen. However, you can sell anything from clothing to crafts, such as paintings and ceramics. Additionally, you can get a booth just to advertise any services you provide, for example, babysitting. You don’t need to be an experienced vendor to participate, either. It’ll be a great learning experience for anyone interested in vending or looking to promote a product or business. 

 Tables and clothing racks will be provided, so you can get the amount of tables or racks you need. You can also bring any other decorations to make your booth pop! And you can’t forget about music. You will be allowed to play music at your booth. Don’t be afraid to make your booth stand out! 

When it comes to pricing, you can’t charge more than $100. Keep in mind that a lot of the people attending this event will be teenagers, so make sure you make your prices reasonable and affordable. You can only charge even dollars, no prices with cents are allowed. However, ten percent of earnings will be taken from your profit and given to the leadership class.  

The threat of theft shouldn’t be a concern at the event. Security will be present, and the exits and entrances will be monitored to make sure nothing will get stolen. 

The best thing about this event is that vendors can set up and set down their booths anytime between 3:30 through 7pm. Vendors don’t even have to be present the entire time. However, it is extremely recommended. This is possible with the use of a centralized register. Each item will be assigned a tag with a certain price, the price may change through bargaining, and that tag will be taken up to the register for payment. 

According to Jade Marotta, a sophomore and the person behind this event, the goal of Ida B. Flea is to “increase collaboration with the community.” Additionally, this event seeks to “help students express themselves and make some profit.” Not only do the students benefit from the money, but the school also benefits as well due to that ten percent going to leadership.

This is a great opportunity for all students who have various passions for crafts, or people who want to clear out their closets. If you would like to be a vendor, sign up with this link. This is an event worth checking out.