The Shoes of Teachers at Ida B. Wells


Eden Evans (She/her), Staff Writer

This week I decided to go on an excursion around the hallway and take pictures of teachers’ shoes and socks. We will now evaluate and judge their choices. All photo credits go to Beni Marquez. 

KM’s shoes

KM is proud of his “bagel dunks”. He disappointed us with the simple black sock. The contrast between the white shoe and the black sock does not compliment him at all. At least he tried.

Miller’s shoes

Miller came in hot with his classic Adidas shoe. The white on the shoes is crisp and clean which allows the black to stand out better and draws attention to the matching colored sock. 

Simonoff’s shoes

Siminoff hit us with his hip millennial style. The blue jeans and the green shoes bring out earth tones in such a classy way. The rolled jeans allowing space for the socks to be on display were an excellent choice. This seems like something we would see on a Nike model.

Garrett’s shoes

Garett did say he felt bad about wearing Adidas socks with Nike shoes, so we’ll let that one slide. The black on black is a nice touch and the white on the bottom of the shoe with accents of gold provides a nice pop of color. Simple yet elegant. I could see Garett attending a ball in these. 

Tony’s shoes

Tony has a fine pair of shoes however the khakis do not go well with the color of the shoe.  They are so close but don’t quite match and it throws the whole outfit off. 

Korn’s shoes

Korn said that she wears these shoes because they help with her foot and back pain.  Not only are they supportive but they are also stylish. The buckles on the shoe add a twinkle to the dark making the shoes noticeable and mysterious.

Delashmut’s shoes

Delashmut and his dirty shoes. Sometimes his shoes look good, but we caught him on a bad day. The close-up angle is not flattering, however, it shows that he loves his shoes and wears them often. What a caring man. The chevrons on the sock add a nice touch.

Phillips’ shoes

Phillips has a very monochromatic style. I bet the thickness of the shoes makes them really comfortable. Also, he gets some points for having clean shoes. The socks are not stained and seem relatively new. I’m afraid to make further commentary. 

Herd’s shoes

Herd was wearing brand-new shoes that were very clean. The white socks fit well with the white bottoms of the shoe and the design is very crisp. The shoe looks incredibly comfortable. Fitting for a PE teacher. She looks like she could run a mile in these bad boys. 

Walter-Young’s shoes

Walter-Young, a teacher with some of the best shoes. Are they a bit dirty? Yes but it’s a good look. It really says “I’m a woodsy kinda gall”, but the gray sock is just okay. Choosing to do white or black might have been the better option, but she’s too sweet to critique. 

Matthews’ shoes

Matthews was very excited about his shoes, and deservedly so. He really pulled out the Ariana Grande in him with the ‘happiness is the same price as red bottoms’ mentality. Don’t we all wish we had Matthews’  Louboutins?

Jenkins’ shoes

Jenkins always has cool shoes. Her husband works at Nike so she kind of has an unfair advantage. Also, today she wore my favorite pair so she just got lucky. You win this time, Jenkins, but one day I will defeat you. 

Potestio’s shoes

Potestio is so classy. Awesome sauce all around. Very cool shoes. 

Montenaro’s shoes

Montenaro got his socks rolled up like an old man with cold toes. These shoes are very crisp and clean. Nicely done. 

Carlson’s shoes

Carlson gave us the classic dad look. Based on his shoes he seems like the kind of guy to give you a bandaid after you fall and scrape your knee. The socks look exceptionally cozy. Very nice work Carlson.

Scott’s shoes

Scott has the same shoes as Walter-Young. The question here is who copied who? Scott came in hot with the black socks and white accent. Exactly what I was looking for from Walter-Young. Blew it out of the ballpark. Excellent work. 

Diamond’s shoes

Diamond really crushed it here. Have you ever seen cooler socks in your life? Nice work Diamond, I applaud you! I love the socks, please give them to me. 

Overall, Jenkins had the coolest shoes, and Diamond had the best socks. Nice work all around though, this really proved how cool the teachers at our school are.