Student-led Ida B. Flea Market is a huge success


Photo Credit: Thomas Gravely

Thomas Gravely (he/him), Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 19, Ida B. Wells students congregated in the main hallway to sell their curated goods in a flea market. Students made stands selling vintage clothes and art pieces, including prints, ceramics, jewelry, and even food. As a public fundraiser, 10 percent of all proceeds went to IBW Leadership to support the Ida B. Wells community and fund school events. 

Members of the Ida B. Flea Leadership Team

“Everybody’s just getting together to sell their stuff, and everyone has their own personal unique style, which I think is really cool,” said Kira Posner, a junior and one of the vendors. “We’ve got a lot of secondhand sweatshirts and shirts, a couple pairs of shoes, some jewelry, some that I made, and some that was leftover from my house.” Many students had a similar lineup, with thrifted jeans and shirts being some of the most popular products.

Kira Posner at the Ida B. Flea. Credit: on Instagram


Clothing booth at the Ida B. Flea. Credit: on Instagram

Other students opted for a more homemade approach, selling their art pieces. “These are my art prints that I’ve been working on for a while. Most of them are from my investigation I’m doing in AP Art,” said Thomas Simpson, a senior, about his extensive display of impressively detailed art prints. “They’re all based around surrealism, so every single piece has a surrealism aspect to it… each one of these takes 15 to 20 hours.”

Thomas Simpson and friends selling work. Credit: on Instagram
Rachel Delance selling her work. Credit: on Instagram

Overall, the event was a huge success, bringing in a significant amount of funds for the school as well as allowing student vendors to make some of their own money and show off their artistic talents. It would be great to see similar fundraisers in the future.