Ida B. Wells Teacher Transportation

Ida B. Wells Teacher Transportation

Eden Evans (She/her), Staff Writer

We all have to get to school somehow, even the teachers. But how might that be? Find out how your teachers transport over to our building of education! 

Riding around on his two wheels, Tim Loveless has much love for his bike. Dedicated and brave, Loveless rides his bike to and from school each day no matter the weather. Perhaps a helmet would be a smart choice to keep his teaching brain intact. 

Sylvia Scott has paid off this car’s mortgage completely. Nice work Scott, very financially responsible. Her choice of car perfectly fits her aesthetic. Clean and effortless.

Max DeLashmutt sat on his car, the roof nonetheless. In such a bold position perhaps a career as a footwear model would be more suitable than his career as a math teacher. Perhaps the car is so large to compensate for how short he is. Nonetheless, much love. 

Max Trezise and his sick ride, him and his car create the perfect sleazy duo. I can just picture him driving his kids around in this whip with the windows rolled down, hipster glasses, and a bag full of trail mix. Will he ever lose his swagger? Doubt it. Not even the kids can take away his mojo. 

Scott Montanaro’s silver hair matches the coat on his Nissan. His car, containing two car seats in the back, has been through a lot. Montanaro has gone through thick and thin with this car, maybe one day his children will be the ones to take the wheel when they are old enough to drive. Given that it’s falling apart, this is highly unlikely.

Josh Winicki bikes 3.5 miles to school each day and rides his bike home. This means that every day Winicki is biking 7 miles. What a healthy choice. We must admire his willpower to do so much exercise so early in the morning and after a long day of working with teenage boys. We applaud you Winicki. 

Kathy Diamond and her car are the perfect summer duo. We know she’s the gal who drives around with the windows down and her hair blowing in the gentle summer breeze. Diamond has the glamour and style of a woman at the end of an old movie driving down a windy road in a convertible and a red hat. Love it!