Five Restaurants Around Portland With Outdoor Dining

Izzy Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

We all miss going out to eat, whether for special occasions or just because you’re tired of cooking dinner for the 6th time this week. Restaurants miss us too! That’s why so many have been excited to set up Covid-19 friendly dining for customers to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. If you’re looking for a place to eat without the fear of exposure, then look no further. Here’s a quick list of some of Portland’s favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner spots. So grab a mask, get out and support some local businesses!

Cheryls on 12th

If you’re looking for a yummy brunch with minimal exposure to others then Cheryls on 12th is the place to go! They offer outdoor seating in individual greenhouse-like pods. They serve breakfast/brunch, lunch, and dinner as well as offering catering. But they encourage stopping in for some of their famous complimentary beignets. Baked goods and covered outdoor seating, it doesn’t get much better!

Verde Cocina

This next restaurant is right down the road from Ida B. Wells. Verde Cocina had been a neighborhood favorite for years and they were quick to adapt to the new dining restrictions. They have built small individual huts where you can enjoy your delicious Mexican food. It’s a great place for those who are gluten free because their kitchen has been gluten free since day one! So if you’re craving some Mexican food after school or practice, head down the street to Verde Cocina.  

Gado Gado 

 If you ever want to get out of the Southwest neighborhood then this next place would be perfect for you. Gado Gado is a fun little restaurant located in NE Portland. They offer an outdoor covered area with heaters which makes for an amazing environment to enjoy their signature Indonesian and Chinese curries. If you’re thinking about stopping in to grab some grub, be sure to call first as they are reservation-only for the time being.

Thirsty Lion 

If you’re feeling hungry after your shopping trip at Washington Square then stopping by Thirsty Lion might be the place for you.They offer a wide selection of foods and you can dine inside or out.Their outside dining consists of a covered area complete with heaters and windows, all of this is adjustable depending on the weather.  

Old Market Pub

Old Market Pub has been a SW staple for many years and is a great family restaurant.They have always offered outdoor seating in the summertime, but now with social distancing being a priority for many people, they have built a cover over their seating area. They also added heaters to ensure you feel comfortable while enjoying your meal! 

We hope this quick list helped you narrow down your search for a place to eat, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Going to local restaurants such as these is a great way to support your community while we’re all recovering from this pandemic. Summers right around the corner and I’m looking forward to grabbing a bite to eat at all of these places!