Trump vs. Biden Policies


Luke Castrina

Trump is out, Biden is in. Things are shaking up and change is on the horizon. But what does that really mean? What will change in the next four years? What will stay the same? Most importantly, what does this mean for you? These are all important questions, with what would seem like really difficult answers. However, a look at the differences in the policies and philosophies of the two administrations makes things more clear.


Trump, a far right Republican, and Biden, a left of center Democrat, split in many drastic ways on policy challenges facing this country as well as their overall approach. This means that we are all in for a fairly strong social and governmental shift in our country as we head into the next four years. So, to have a better idea of what those four years will look like, let’s examine what policies are going to change the most and affect the country the greatest.




Foreign and Climate policy

Racial and Social Justice


A new year, a new administration, a new vision for the future. 2021 seems to be following in the footsteps of last year when it comes to being a time of change, upheaval, and certainly many difficult challenges. The differences in Trump and Biden’s presidencies is proof of that. As high school students, we ourselves must play an important role in that future. 


Though government and politics can seem complicated, distant, and just too big to understand, it’s important that we as students and future voters stay informed on the policies of our nation that will ultimately affect us in the long run. That means scrutinizing the policies, practices, and political ideologies of those that represent us. The more we engage and pay attention to our government, the more it will pay attention to you. 


Hopefully, you understand a little more about those three P’s (policies, practices and political ideologies) of the Trump and Biden administrations, as well as have a better picture of the future for you and your community. While the next four years will surely be consequential for the trajectory of the country, how everything falls into place depends on you.