Trail Hunter Guide

Izzy Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

With school ending and summer coming up, I know a lot of us in the PNW are looking forward to getting outside and into nature. We’re all counting down the days until we can get out and enjoy the nice weather, so provided below is a list of hikes that range in difficulty and scenery, depending on what mood you´re in. Be sure to check out the status before going because some areas are still recovering from last year’s wildfires.

Punch Bowl Falls

This hike is about an hour from Portland but is definitely worth the drive. The Punch Bowl Falls trail is an out and back hike that’s about 3.8 miles round trip. The hike takes you through the green foliage before opening up to the main event… bring a swimsuit because this hike features a 35 foot waterfall that pours into a beautiful swimming hole creating a great cool off spot after a hot summer hike. 

Iron Mountain Trail 

Located near Cascadia Oregon, the Iron Mountain Trail hike is a very popular hike around this time of year. The beautiful views and wildflowers are the highlights of this hike. This trail is home to over 300 species of plants and flowers that flourish in the summertime. It’s a 3 mile hike that’s rated a little more on the difficult side but the scenery makes it worth it! And a great bonus is the fact that it’s dog friendly as well!

Trail of Ten Falls

This hike is a bit on the longer side but it is SO worth it. Just as its name implies, this hike, if you chose to hike all the way through, features 10 beautiful waterfalls. Some of the trails even take you behind the waterfalls. The waterfalls vary in size and height but are all a sight to see. So if you’re looking for an all day activity with some amazing scenery then this hike is the one for you.

Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain

This breathtaking trail is the perfect hike if you’re up for a day trip to the mountain. This is a moderate 5.8 mile hike located just outside of Government Camp. While on the hike you’ll pass Mirror lake where you can choose to stop and relax or continue on to the top where you’ll have an amazing view of Mt. Hood. So pack a lunch, head on your way, and enjoy a nice meal with a spectacular view!

Dog Mountain

Beautiful fields of wildflowers and scenic views of the gorge are what draw crowds to this scenic hike. Dog Mountain hike is about 6.9 miles round trip and gives you an option between the ¨difficult¨ or ¨more difficult¨ route. The hike might be a workout but the lookout at the top makes it all worthwhile. If you’re thinking about going on this hike it’s recommended that you go before 8am or after 5pm to avoid crowds, as parking can get a little busy. 

Tamanawas Falls

If you’re looking for a more easy going, family hike then look no further. Tamanawas Falls is a 3.4 mile, beautiful hike perfect for all ages and you can even bring the dog! The hike takes you through the lush forest and ends at an open glade with a cascading waterfall that stands at over 110 feet. You can admire the waterfall from a distance or choose to walk into an opening behind the falls.


These are only a few of Oregon’s many hiking trails but I hope this quick list helped you get started with your summer adventures (even if it’s just daydreaming about them during class).