Missing Your Social Life? Join a Club!

Missing Your Social Life? Join a Club!

Togtuun Tumurkhuu, Staff Writer

Extracurriculars are certainly a key component of the high school experience. Whether it’s sports, performance, or non-academic clubs, every student should be engaged outside of class in one or more activities that provide important community-building opportunities. So, here are ten clubs with different purposes and communities perfect for incoming Ida B. Wells students and club-goers!


Affinity Clubs Various Advisors

Affinity clubs at Ida B. Wells, like the Black Student Union (BSU), Jewish Student Union (JSU), Muslim Student Association (MSA), Latinx Student Union (LSU), Asian Desi Pacific Islander Student Union (ADPI), and Fem union, to name a few, are spaces where students can congregate and collaborate with other students in their communities. They are safe spaces for students to share their stories and experiences while connecting with their fellow community members.


Key Club Chris Bartlo – [email protected] 

Key Club is arguably one of the most popular and most important clubs at our school. Its focus is introducing students to community work and connecting them with all kinds of volunteer opportunities in their communities. It’s a great way to get in those required volunteering hours to graduate, and to make friends by building up your community!


S.A.F.E.R. Allyson Copacino – [email protected] 

SAFER stands for Students Active for Ending Rape. The club has meetings every week focused on a certain angle or issue concerning rape and sexual assault. The leaders facilitate a discussion among the students about the issues and the possible solutions. This club is a great place to have a conversation about ending rape and sexual assault culture at our school.


DECA Sarah LeMier – [email protected] 

The Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is a non-profit organization that aims to prepare students for the business world both on a secondary school and collegiate level. This club is great for students interested in a career in business and marketing, and students wanting to sharpen their communication and problem-solving skills that that career entails.


Speech and Debate Ben Hunter – [email protected] 

Speech and Debate is an inclusive community that participates in mock events and competitions at city, state, and national levels. One speech and debate member said his membership in the club “helped grow [his] research, argumentative, and critical thinking skills.” Speech and Debate is a great club for people hoping to improve their public speaking, or people who just love arguing all the time. (you know who you are)


Students for Environmental Action Tony Petraglia – [email protected] 

Students for Environmental Action (S.E.A.) is for students interested in talking about and supporting the environment! Their goal is to “promote eco-friendly practices and encourage students to grow their own produce.” This club is perfect for students who are passionate about stopping climate change and keeping our planet safe and healthy.


American Red Cross Club  Aaron Olsen – [email protected] 

The American Red Cross Club at Ida B. Wells participates in blood drives, emergency relief fundraising, and emergency preparedness programs. This club is dedicated to following the Red Cross’ motivation of keeping people safe and healthy.


Astronomy Club Joe Minato – [email protected] 

If you’re interested in star gazing, you should be joining Ida B. Wells’ astronomy club, a club welcome to all those who know or love the stars. They meet weekly and host star parties along with collaborating with the Rose City Astronomers! You’d better thank your lucky stars there’s an astronomy club at our school! (cringe)


Harry Potter Alliance Andre Danielson – [email protected] 

The Harry Potter Alliance club is for all the Potterheads out there. It’s a space to talk about the books (and the movies) with fellow Harry Potter lovers. Who doesn’t want to add a little mischief to Ida B. Wells?


Pizza and Pages Cassie Lanzas – [email protected] 

Pretty straight forward, don’t you think? Eat pizza. Read pages. What’s not to like?


Clubs are encouraged by every teacher and student at our school, and while a few pretty cool ones are named here, make sure to broaden your horizons and open your eyes to the amazing diversity of clubs our school presents. Please participate in club fairs and ask your friends to join clubs with you to make it an even more fun experience for you! Good luck!